MY VALUES ARE VALUABLE eTwinning projects offer the perfect foundation to shape the 21st Century skills and values. It is a Romanian-Turkish project, created to last for about 3 months. There are 20 students, IX SNE(NATURAL SCIENCES INTENSIV ENGLISH) and 2 teachers(Monica Borteș and Sicoe Lenuța) involved in the project, from „Avram Iancu” National College. Our partners are form Turkey 8 teachers from different schools and 80 students. We will develop various activities in order to accomplish our aims, to learn and practice information and communication technology (ICT) skills, as well as promoting awareness of the multicultural European model of society. The transfer of values from one individual to another play an effective role on each level of society and we consider that is a very important point which should be emphasized in our project. The concept of socialization is accelerating with the help of values and educational values, too. They are expected to have vision and to be able to express the love for the homeland, nation, flag and the human next to him/her. Link

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