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           Motto:"For a beautiful and better life"
           A responsable attitude against problems of the community.
           The objective of a sociological circle:
           The themes proposed by the circle try to reveal the importance of the sociological knowledge in student education. It reveals the importance of knowledge formation and sociological competence in practicing the human rights. The sociology also helps the formation of truthful perception of social phenomenon. The circle also focuses on the ethno-cultural evolution of rural and urban community of the Apuseni Mountains.
           The proposed targets are:


Proposed topics of debate and research:

Ways of actions
Caring activity (monthly)
Qualification for the profession of sociologist.
Professional skills of the sociologist.
September 2009
The profession of sociologist.
October 2009
Man-all social relations.
Interdisciplinary approach.
essay presentation
November 2009
Socialization - resocialization.
Heredity - environment - education in shaping individual development.
Territorial human communities: the village. Theoretical considerations. Authors. Movement.
exposure and explication
December 2009
Research models to village:
a) observation sheet of the village;
b) the aspect and the functionalities of the living-space;
c) the activity and behavior of the peasants (farmers).
data collection and information
January 2010
A. Traditions (customs) - every day life, holidays.
enunciation of the questionary and his application
February 2010
B. The image of the village: pictures, draws, descriptions,Geographical position:
- communication: city neighborhood, ways of communicate;
- institutions and public places;
- the structure of residential area of the village;
- social structure and working structure;
- demography.
March - April 2010
C. Households - families
- members who live in the same house;
- house, yard, annex buildings, garden;
– household’s endowment;
- nterior and exterior arrangement;
- tools;
- animals (in the farm).
sociological observation
D. Thesaurus reeds secular and religious traditions (the description of the customs, day, place, participants, holiday clothing).
application of the questionary and the sociological observation
May 2010
The town - theoretical consideration. Authors. Movements.
A. observation sheet of the town: the size of the houses, the architecture style, the living place and annexes, sidewalk and streets, individual developments, the neighborhood.
B. The sight of town: pictures, drafts, description.
C. occupational structure and the living style.
D. institutional life and the idea of prestige.
E. cultural life of the town and activities for spending free-time.
F. influential and interdependence in the area.
G. relation with the outside: cities or remote communities.
H. conclusions.

Information and research on ground

Questionnaire formulation and implementation of

Sociological observation and interview

Analysis of social and institutional documents

Selection and data interpretation

June 2010

July - August 2010

September 2010


Botar Damaris - 18 years old
Cenusa Ioana - 18 years old
Gligor Andreea - 18 years old
Rodean Teodora - 18 years old
Danciu Cristina - 18 years old
Vartan Diana - 18 years old
Boncut Paula - 18 years old
Bordea Simona - 18 years old
Olar Alexandra - 18 years old
Gligor Ionela - 18 years old

Profesor: Corches Nicolae.

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